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Establishing a satisfactory resolution to rent arrears, without the need for further action.
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We know at the moment that rent arrears are causing serious concerns for both landlords and tenants.  SDS Resolution offers a service in which we will seek to broker rent repayment agreements between landlords and tenants. The aim of the service is to help avoid tenants being evicted by ensuring that landlords can recover some or all of the arrears over time.


SDS resolution builds on the work of the SafeDeposits Scotland tenancy deposit scheme where we regularly engage with tenants and landlords to resolve disputes. 

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Why use SDS Resolution?

SafeDeposits Scotland already deals with thousands of tenancy deposit disputes each year and our staff (together with the adjudicators we use at The Dispute Service) successfully resolve many of these disputes by engaging with landlords and tenants over the phone.  In fact we are so successful at this that each month around a third of the cases that start off as a disputed claim get resolved without having to go to a full adjudication.


Given how skilled our staff are at resolving disputes between landlords and tenants [usually over the telephone] we have decided to create this new service which aims to help tenants and landlords in existing tenancies to work up an agreed rent repayment plan.


This new service is being funded directly by the SafeDeposits Scotland tenancy deposit scheme to help landlords and tenants across the private rented sector in Scotland.


It’s a free service and SDS Resolution is impartial.  It’s our job to help find a mutually acceptable solution to the rent arrears problem.

How does it work?


Complete our resolution referral form

If you are a landlord or tenant you can contact us free of charge by using the resolution referral form below. We will ask you if you are the tenant or landlord, some basic details about the issue and the key contact details.


We will contact your landlord or tenant free of charge to see if they are willing to work with us to resolve the rent arrears issues.

SDS Resolution provides the landlord with written documentation outlining the attempts to resolve the rent arrears with the tenant (even if we do not manage to engage the tenant). This document may be valuable evidence in the unfortunate event that a resolution cannot be agreed.


If the other party chooses not to engage, we will notify you and close the case as we will not be able to help if the other side won’t join in the discussion.


Schedule a Resolution Appointment

If both the tenant[s] and the landlord[s] are happy to engage, we will schedule a telephone appointment at a time suitable for both parties and we will see if there is the opportunity and willingness to agree a mutually acceptable rent repayment plan.


In some cases the parties may only wish to speak with SDS Resolution and if this is the case we will have a follow up conversation with the other party once we have spoken to you.


Reaching a Satisfactory Resolution

In the 60-minute telephone appointment, we will seek to reach a mutually acceptable rent repayment plan to avoid the need to proceed with any legal action.


Resolution Summary

We will draft up a settlement agreement that sets out what has been agreed between the parties.


You can instruct us on a case FREE of charge.


There is no cost for this service.

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